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You may have been following Michele’s story about how LIPA has been hard to deal with, but I want you to also read my friend Andrea’s tale:

And, you know, sometimes these things are slow for logistical reasons… but then came the Inspection Fiasco. here are a few facts that I want to get a little more public attention:

* LIPA is requiring homeowners who flooded to get a certificate of inspection before power is restored, or they’ll cut the power to your meter when your neighborhood is restored.

* They first started talking about this requirement on Thursday.

* It’s unclear who needs these inspections; some sources say everyone south of Merrick Road and Montauk Highway; others say you only need such a certificate if you flooded. We live south of Merrick Road, but we didn’t flood, so… do we need a certificate or don’t we?

* LIPA has never before required such a certificate of inspection for a flooded home. 

* No concerted effort to inform homeowners of this new requirement has taken place. We found out through hearsay and our paper Newsday subscription.

* LIPA’s CEO is on record saying that homeowners don’t need to do anything to make sure this inspection occurs except “answer the door.” 

* Our home in Oceanside is in the 40s right now. We’re sleeping all together in a tent on the living room floor and escaping to Panera for a little heat and power in the mornings.

* LIPA has previously warned homeowners about fraud and burglaries — you’re not to open your doors to anyone who says they’re from LIPA, as nobody from LIPA needs to go into your home to restore power.

* They have not given a timetable nor appointment times for these inspections.

* They say 40,000 homes will need this inspection.

* LIPA says they have 100 inspectors working on the job.

This situation is untenable.

It’s hard to know where we go from here, and my heart aches for Andrea, Michele and the rest of the Island. 

We need to get some people from FEMA, the New York State Government, and elsewhere on board with fixing this shit ahead of the Noreaster coming this weekend.

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