Bit Bucket

Someone (okay, TJ) asked me for some musical guidance.

2,000 words later….

Sorry TJ. Your inbox will recover in a few minutes. Just rest and stretch a little bit.

  1. tbridge reblogged this from lindstifa and added:
    I’m pretty sure being sent to Instapaper is the best compliment I’ve been paid in recent history.
  2. lindstifa reblogged this from tj and added:
    Oh god you guys were made for each other.
  3. tj reblogged this from tbridge and added:
    In Tom’s defense, my inbox was totally asking for it. Also: it was glorious, even if I do have to forward it to...
  4. door said: This is what happens anytime anyone asks me for suggestions of good romance novels. I ain’t ashamed.
  5. stupon said: If anyone would know about 2000 word answers to a question, it would be TJ.

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