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Washington, DC is not fucking Disneyland. It is my home.

It is not some peculiar merry-go-round that has no context.

My city is, yes, home to the United States Capitol, The White House, The Supreme Court, and some six hundred people at the VIP level who govern our nation, along with their immense staffs and bureaucracies.  But that is not all that DC is.

You want to bang on the broken process that is the United States Congress? Go right ahead. But know that’s your fault, too.

Don’t go blaming Washington when you want to blame politics.

I won’t have it. It’s lazy bullshit shorthand.

Some of us live here and love our city, we fight against the stupid myth we were built on a swamp, and we fight against the pervasive poverty east of the river, and we fight for bike lanes, and multi-modal transit, and for good parking spaces, and better wages, and better jobs, and better culture, and better city life, and better suburban life. 

We live here because we love it.

We live here because it’s our city, despite what the part-timers from your part of the country do while they’re here.

Stop bitching about the geography, and bitch instead about your broken shithead politicians.

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