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I am tagging some people that I know to be knowledgeable on this subject, but I am throwing this wide to the Internet, too:

My Dad has proposed that he, my brother, and I hike a few big trails in Yosemite next Fall. The hikes that we’ve been looking at range from 3 to 7 miles, and gain anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 feet in elevation along that path.

I would love to hear any guidance that you might have as to how to train for this.  

  1. door said: I asked my woodsmen brother (he lived in Wyoming and hiked all the time at those elevations), and he advised starting with short trails around here and working out on an inclined treadmill.
  2. tonimclellan said: I have many ideas. None of them involve buying bulky, expensive boots. I’ll think on this some and reblog later.
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    In addition to the tips already offered: buy a pedometer and start walking more. I recommend the FitBit, but even a...
  4. ashamedtosay said: I would start now. Get the right shoes and socks, then start walking trails around where you live, integrating hills and technical trails. Add 10% to your distance a week until your long hikes are 7 miles. And body glide is your friend.
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    You should get special boots. That’s about all I know. And take water and salty snacks.
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    No clue but I bet someone reading this knows.
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    Any ideas for Tom?
  8. dendroica said: Do some shorter practice hikes in western MD or VA during the spring and summer to work up to it and make sure your gear is comfortable.
  9. dennymayo said: From my running experience: Get to know Bodyglide. Walk often, break your shoes in well before the hike, and find a pack/bottle holder that is comfortable.
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    Signal boost. I am not a hiker but have generously volunteered to have a cold beverage awaiting him in the lodge when...
  11. rsmallbone said: Start at the top. SO much easier.
  12. notentirely said: if you have an REI nearby, they’re a great resource.
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