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I wore a custom-designed eco-friendly hemp-silk corset dress with black lace sleeves and skirt panels. We had no bridesmaids, groomsmen, or flowers (my bouquet was made of kale).




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what the fuck is vegan wine

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Wow. Rather than making me hate weddings, I now want to have like five weddings that are better than this one, just to scrub this from my brain.

Also a boob-grab wedding picture? For real? 

(via foldysox) My favorite moment: When we exchanged rings, Matt said “You’re the queen and I’m the king,” and I replied with “Nothing else means anything.” (It’s a lyric from the Nine Inch Nails song “We’re In This Together.”) My funniest moment: We surprised everyone by whipping out a meat/coconut cleaver and using it to cut the cake. After making the cut, I licked the cleaver clean!

Oh my god you had the dream wedding of every 16 yo goth kid. But you’re like 30.

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I had to stop when they said they made a goddamn pb&j sandwich during their ceremony

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It’s really bugging me that in the picture where she is holding her ring her nails are uneven.

And that’s the most serial-killer looking meat cleaver I have ever seen.

That boob-grab pic is just… these people are probably incredibly unbearable. 

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Oh. My. Stars. I cannot look away from this wreck.


“For instance, we played Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative, and H.I.M. songs to highlight strategic moments of the ceremony (entrance and exit) and reception (entrance, first dance, cake cutting, etc.).”

No, children. No.

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I love wedding snark so much. It’s keeping me warm on this cold winter night.

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“We wrote our entire ceremony from scratch, including quotes by Steven Pinker, Ayn Rand, Vladimir Nabokov, and Trent Reznor.” Help

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YOU’RE QUIRKY AS FUCK. WE GET IT. The reason your family chose not to attend your wedding, you “offbeat bride,” you, is not because it was non-traditional or child-free. It’s because you’re an aggressively pretentious smug pain in the ass, and I’m willing to bet they all made a pact that they didn’t have to suffer through what sounds like an obnoxious and painful wedding, good only for causing secondhand embarrassment and copious eye-rolling on the part of your guests.

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I really must know the juicy quote from noted romantic™ Ayn Fucking Rand that screamed, “YES! THIS MUST BE INCLUDED IN OUR ‘ELEGOTHY’ NUPTIALS!” 

Clearly they are love makers, not takers.

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see what I hate Neruda!

“Tell us about the ceremony: We wrote our entire ceremony from scratch, including quotes by Steven Pinker, Ayn Rand, Vladimir Nabokov, and Trent Reznor. We read poems by Pablo Neruda (“Sonnet XVII”)”


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I still want to know what Vegan Wine is!!!!!!

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“superfood chocolate truffles”

I just…I…What?

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AYN RAND, who Jim Henson once called the real-life manifestation of Oscar the Grouch. That’s all.

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A KALE BOUQUET THOUGH???????????????????

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I hate the whole schtick that goes with this, but her dress is quite lovely and I dig the rings.  The rest of it is just comical though. How very “offbeat” to have your wedding at a ‘historical loft’—pullease.

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I seriously just fuckin’ threw up in my mouth a little. Oh my freaking god, can I just slap them both silly?

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In my head I was yelling “Shut the fuck up about Nine Inch Nails! Trent Reznor would hate you with the firey passion of 1,000 suns!”

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Regular wine is often made using animal products to get of contaminates and such, vegan wine uses non-animal products to accomplish the same thing.

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I just can’t even. I’ve been trying to even for at least a couple minutes, but I keep laughing, and laughing, and laughing. And I just can’t even. Oh boy. *wipes away the tears*

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