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Tonight, we’re watching Sneakers via iTunes. Tiff had, apparently, not seen this one. I don’t know how, honestly.

This movie is a hidden gem of the pre-Internet age, and if you haven’t caught it, the cast is phenomenal. River Phoenix, Dan Ackroyd, Sidney Poitier, David Straithairn, Robert Redford, Ben Kingsley, Timothy Busfield, Mary McDonnell, Donal Logue, Stephen Tobolowsky.

Seriously, people watch this one.

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    Tiffany is street-geek
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    Who the hell doesn’t...about Sneakers?! It’s a...
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    This is the part where, once again, I remind the Internet that I was not raised by geeks and had to pick it up on the...
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    At my work, we had to record something similar for password resets, saying “at (company) my voice is my password” or...
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    one of those great movies...people don’t know about. (But Tiffany??!? Really! 10...
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    Sneakers is one of my favorite movies of all time. I consider it Paleo-Leverage."My name is Werner Brandes. My voice is...
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  8. notentirely said: one of our favs!
  9. redcloud said: The thing I love is that the sound was recorded using the same kind of microphones they used to fake the moon landings.
  10. brevetcaptain said: one of my favorite movies ever. SO BEST.
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