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Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra: “Want It Back” Official Music Video (Uncensored | NSFW) (by amandapalmer)

Because even if you don’t like everything she’s done, this music video is still pretty cool. That was worth my $20 to her Kickstarter.

I saw her at 9:30 when she was here, and I didn’t love everything I heard, but what I did love was the excited crowd who were all having a good time.

No, she’s not pitch perfect. No, some of her musicians didn’t get paid for their performance (but that’s okay with me if they said it’s okay by then. They have agency, they can decide what’s okay for the craft.) and some people aren’t down with that.

But that’s the whole point of art, right? It’s subjective, it’s personal, and it’s interpretive.

The criticisms, in many cases, of Palmer’s kickstarter, and of her work, are often bullshit parochialism/paternalism/patriarchal. So, really, stick it.


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