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This is all about the car. Sorry, it’s love.

  1. It automatically engages the high beams if you’re on a dark road and there’s no one else around. It turns them back on if it sees another set of headlights.
  2. The keyless entry is pretty much magic. Keys stay in my pocket, pull the door handle and it’s open, tap the handle when you leave, and it locks up. Exactly right.
  3. When you’re in reverse, the backup camera engages, and it turns the radio down for you automatically. There’s also range-finding radar beeps that tell you when you’re real close.
  4. The instrument cluster is pretty customizable. Not quite Tesla customizable, but I’m really digging seeing the status of the various engines at a glance and knowing that I’m electric-only or gas-only.
  5. The cabin is really, really quiet. There’s noise-cancelling in the cabin, which is nifty, but even with the windows down and moon-roof open, it’s a lot quieter than Klaus.
  6. I loved having Sirius radio back until I heard Madison.
  7. The central console has two USB plugs, and a power port.
  8. It’s still got power where you need it.
  9. I love the radar blind-spot sensors.
  10. This car is the sexay.
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