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Any discussion of DC Statehood comes inevitably back to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. Try to explain the patently unjust status of 640,000 Americans without represenatation and you get Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 thrown back at you.

But…but…the Founders?! - Krepp for Congress

Really good summation of why Statehood is critical, and what to say to the Constitutionalists who believe in literal interpretation.


As Stephen A. Smith says, “See, we keep talking about the guys, when we never talk about the elements of provocation.” See, some guys can sound so dumb you’d think they had a chair broken over their head, but the first element of provocation a woman should avoid is calling them on it, whether it’s an NFL official justifying a two-game penalty for a running back going all Flintstone on his wife, or an ESPN announcer who holds your cable subscription hostage while he tries to string two sentences together.

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Over the weekend, I tried to fix my iPad mini, and it didn’t go too well. iFixit saw my post, and they’re sending me a replacement digitizer.

They’re pretty awesome in my book now, too.




Is Supernatural just The Dukes of Hazzard but with Satan instead of Boss Hogg?

Well…there’s a car? And brothers?



You are all on my list. You know who you are.

This is beautiful.

Templeton Rye, by contrast, has built its successful brand on being a product of Templeton, Iowa. They tell an elaborate story about how their recipe was used by the owner’s family to make illicit whiskey in Iowa during Prohibition, and how that rye had become Al Capone’s favorite hooch. They publish a description of their “Production Process” so detailed it lists the temperature (124 degrees) at which the “rye grain is added to the mash tank.” They brag that they focus their “complete attention on executing each step of the distillation process.” And yet, for all this detail, the official “Production Process” somehow fails to mention that Templeton doesn’t actually do the distilling.


You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve
and I have always buried them deep beneath the ground.


This summer, when we visited Pittsburgh, I was reminded of the genius of the radler. Think of a radler like you’d think of a more awesome Arnold Palmer: half beer, half lemonade. It’s every bit as wonderful as it sounds.

After we got home, I went on a search for Stiegl’s bottled/canned radler, but largely struck out. It’s just not sold many places around here, so I settled on having to mix my own.

My testing methodology has been to settle on a beer that I can use as a base and then determine a good mixer to act as complement. I settled on New Belgium’s Summer Helles, which has a low IBU rating, and a low 5% ABV. A radler is a drink-all-day kind of thing, so you’re going to want to avoid the heavy beers, and the super hoppy beers.

Here are my first three tests:

Izze Grapefruit: Easily the best of the bunch. The nice thing about Izze is they have a pretty light hand with the sugar. You don’t want cloying, you want crisp. This pairs very, very well with the Helles.

Wegman’s Wedge: My least favorite. The wedge does an okay job, but it’s not nearly tart enough. Worthy, just not all that great. Disappointing, since I like it solo.

San Pellegrino Limonata: Not quite a match for the Izze, but very promising. The lemon is just sour enough to make the Helles’ grain notes stronger.

Next up:

San Pellegrino Blood Orange (in hand) Wegmans’ Frizzante Sicilian Lemon (in hand) San Pellegrino Grapefruit (need to find this one)

Sharing a Facebook account? Is that a thing that happens!? That’s like… sharing your email address. Or your underwear.


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I broke the glass on my iPad Mini earlier this month. I’d had a hairline crack in it before, but a tumble off my chair did the rest of the job.

Instead of paying umpty hundred dollars for a new one when there’s a revision coming in the Fall, I bought the iFixit kit for $99.95 to just replace the digitizer.

As advertised, this repair is extremely difficult. The guide to disassemble the iPad has 62 steps, and is mostly pretty good. It should have another 6-8 steps at the conclusion where you remove three small screws (the L-shaped plate in the upper right of picture 4), detach the ribbon assembly for the LED screen, and then detach the ribbon assembly for the digitizer before re-adding them, but for the most part the guide is great.

I didn’t have a very good experience with the heater element, it did not melt the adhesive enough to make removing the screen by suction cup. I ended up doing that job with Tiff’s hair dryer acting as a heat gun.

One note: If your digitizer glass is broken, suction cups have trouble maintaining suction. That’s going to badly complicate getting the glass off. Do what you can, and remember all that glass is going away. Be careful and judicious.

The tools in the kit are top-notch, the screwdriver, the picks, the braces, the case, everything. I really liked the build quality of all of those.

My issue came with the digitizer I was shipped. I successfully replaced the digitizer, re-seated the LED screen, and reattached everything. I powered up my iPad (picture 5), but once I was back up and going, the digitizer would only respond on the lower half of the screen.


Disassemble everything again. Clean everything very gently with the detailing brush I also bought, and re-assemble a second time, being super careful to make sure screws seated correctly, the ribbon connectors were tightly attached, and then…


Screen would light, top end of the digitizer is still no bueno.

A third time. During take apart the third time, I tore the ribbon cable for the digitizer, and that was the last of my efforts. I think the unit’s dead at this point, and it’s not worth reclaiming.

I suppose I could sell the LED screen back to someone, but I’m not going to spend another $100 on a second digitizer if the first one didn’t work.

Who knows what else might be wrong with the iPad, but at this point, it’s run its last race. I’ll stick with my iPad 3 til the new retina Mini is out this fall. I just wish I knew why what I did didn’t work.

Before, During & After. Brookland’s Finest spaghetti and meatballs for Charlie.


This makes me happy.

Lena Headey’s eyebrows, man. Almost as good Lizzy Caplan’s.

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people should just reply to anon hate with this


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You’re right.


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Yep. That’s how my week’s gone.

Yep. That’s how my week’s gone.

Good on you, Mark Cuban.

Good on you, Mark Cuban.


This week’s cover story delves into the world of D.C.’s underground venues. Plus: maps.

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